Acceptable collateral includes purchase orders, account receivables, inventory, equipment, credit card sales, commercial real estate, 401k’s and IRA’s, securities such as stocks, and most other forms of legitimate business collateral. You can even qualify for funding if your business simply has consistent cash flow each month. You can also qualify for funding if you have built good business credit. If you don’t have this, our system will help you build your business credit so you can secure funding based on your business credit profile.If you don’t have good personal or business credit, do not yet have cash flow for your business, have no acceptable collateral, and no co-signer, you will not secure money quickly through the finance suite. Therefore, if you have an immediate need for money/funding and don’t have any of these essentials, it will take you at least a year of business credit building to truly secure cash money and/or credit lines. If this is your situation, and you don’t have the essentials, we may not be the best solution for you. However, if you have at least one of the essentials – not all of them, like what a bank would require – you stand a good chance of benefiting from the CFP Business Credit/Funding Platform.